Quick dreadlock maintenance

Quick dreadlock maintenance

I used to maintain my roots all the time, but I stopped for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s really time consuming and I got lazy lol but more importantly, I realized I was putting too much pressure on my scalp. Constant pulling and tugging of the hair can cause hair loss in the future. Occasional maintenance is okay, but overdoing it not recommended.

I definitely have loose hairs throughout my locs, but I’ve learned to embrace them.  Some of them have free-formed into their own baby locs. I’ve tried the twist & rip method on some loose strands and they kept unraveling.. so I stopped fighting it. 

My maintenance routine focuses on keeping my hair moisturized, washing my locs once a week, and separating the roots as soon as they start to intermingle. Other than that, sometimes I will palm roll or bring in loose hairs (very gently) with a crochet needle. Very light maintenance.


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