A couple of dreadlock maintenance tips

A couple of dreadlock maintenance tips

1. Don’t excessively re-twist your hair

I made this mistake at the beginning of my loc journey because I was obsessed with taming the frizz at the roots. Rolling your hair (gently) at the roots will help to maintain them. You should be re-twisting them every several months, not every other night…oops, another lesson learned!

2. Don’t style your locs too often or too tight

Even though your hair can look funky in the first year (or first three years even), don’t tie it every day. When you have to tame it, for work reasons or whatever, don’t style it too tight. Tight styling can cause your dreads to thin out. Your hair will look amazing in due time, it’s just a matter of waiting the process out


These steps might feel tedious at first but you will love the results of sticking to this routine. Don’t be misinformed by the idea that dreadlocks are maintenance-free. Even free-form dreads deserved some love and attention!

After making these adjustments, my dreads are so grateful to finally receive the proper nourishment and TLC they had been craving for so long.

I hope these tips are helpful to you!

Do you have any maintenance tips that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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